Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

TCF fans have a long history of meeting the challenging requirements of petroleum refining and the production of chemicals and plastics.

Our heavyduty industrial fans are customised for virtually any application, including:
> Flare Stacks
> Thermal Oxidisers
> Heating (fired heaters) Combustion Air
> Desulphurisation
> Dryers
> Pollution Control
> Material Handling
> Steam Generation

To meet the harsh environments encountered with many processes, a wide range of options include special bearings, disc couplings and mechanical shaft seals and speciality coatings. 

TCF fans comply with industry standards including:

> ATEX (Atmosphères Explosives) Directive 94/9/EC
> API (American Petroleum Institute) Standards 560 & 673
> AWS (American Welding Society) D1.1 & D14.6|
> (PIP) Process Industry Practices
> ASME (American Standards of Mechanical Engineers)