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Industrial Radial Blade Fan,
Paper Handling Impeller


The RBP Industrial Radial Blade Fan is constructed with an extra rugged paper handling impeller designed to handle corrugated paper trims, fibrous material, metal trim and other high impact loading material. A paper deflector cone over the face of the hub helps prevent wrapping of paper around the hub or leading edge of the blades.

All RBP fans are supplied with bearing stop blocks and a relieved inlet transition. The relieved inlet transition smooths the flow of paper trim and similar material through the fan. Breaker tabs are also offered as an option on the relieved inlet transition to assist in the breakup of material.

Sizes (impeller diameters)

  • 19.13 to 45.13 inches (485 mm to 1,150 mm)


  • Airflow to 26,500 CFM (45,000 m3/hour)
  • Static pressure to 32 inches w.g. (7,960 Pa)

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