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Radial Tip Fan, High Specific Speed


The HRT Radial Tip Fan is designed for applications involving large volumes of gas streams at moderate to high pressures. This unit can accommodate clean or dirty airstreams and is widely used to exhaust gases from bag-type collectors, precipitators, scrubbers, cyclones and other industrial applications.

The HRT is also used for induced draft on boilers, incinerators, and kiln exhaust. Steel, air pollution, dryer, petrochemical, cement, furnaces and ovens, solvent recovery, sewage sludge and solid waste incineration industries have found the radial tip design particularly suitable for their applications.

Sizes (impeller diameters)

  • 27 to 80.75 inches (685 mm to 2,055 mm)


  • Airflow to 254,700 CFM (432,700 m3/hour)
  • Static pressure to 32 inches w.g. (7,960 Pa)

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